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redpenHave you ever thought about why current projects are called “work-in-progress” (WIP)?

Have you ever been in the middle of something and it…just…doesn’t….feel quite right?

I’m there.

I have a couple friends I can use as sounding boards and I am very grateful to them! Last night, I chatted with one of them on Facebook;

The project, a book, was tentatively titled Selling Yourself Is Not Prostitution: Networking & Self-Promotion for Wallflowers. For now, it will be a newsletter and possibly an ecourse that will be available through Udemy. Nothing on that is set in stone yet, but I will let you now what happens with that.

It will still be a book. Just not in the way I had originally planned it. But that’s the way it goes with WIPs. They’re changeable. Unless you have a written contract in hand that says it has to be a certain way, you can always change it up. So I am.

Today, I am working on setting up the newsletter. It will be offered through I will post tomorrow when I have the signup information.

4 thought on “Works-in-Progress”

  1. Angela Drake

    WIP.. I love the plural tense you’ve used. Definitely applies to my flash drive case. I just keep moving forward… even if that forward motion is not on the same continuous project.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      That is very true. And since I’ve stopped focusing on *this has to be a book and only a book*, I’m happier with the progress I’ve made. It will still be a book, just not as soon as I had originally wanted.


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