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That sounds too much like the title of a song by Rihanna. I’m not stealing from her, I promise.

I was given orders to take it easy to let my back get well. So that’s what I’ve been doing. For most of the day, I’ve read, crocheted, watched videos, and rested. My mind kept working in the background.

I decided writing could be included in taking it easy, so I started working on RealmWalker earlier in the day than usual. I got to a pivotal scene, one the whole book has been building toward.

And I had to take a break.

I had to tell someone about that scene. My aunt who is reading what I have so far didn’t want such a big spoiler. (Honestly, I can’t blame her. I wouldn’t either.) So I told my mom.

Mom: No! You can’t do that!
Me: I have to! It’s the only way she gets what she needs.

And, yes, it worked. But it was a doozy. Then after dinner, I started on it again. She’s pulled through (as I knew would happen) and all is (almost) well and good.

I’m currently sitting at 58,302 words. My goal is 60,000. I’ll hit that tomorrow. (Or sooner if I work on it again tonight.) It will take a little more to finish telling the story, but I expect even that will be done by Monday.

Then the editing begins.

I don’t dread editing. I consider it to be part of the creative process. It’s necessary. It’s not always fun like the writing. (Let’s face it; even that’s not always fun.) But it is necessary.

Do you find yourself working/creating even on rest days?

4 thought on “Work Work Work”

  1. Jeanine Byers

    Do I work when I am supposed to be resting? Guilty! My goal is to get to the place when I can schedule a certain number of hours to work and take the rest of each day off and be at peace with that. Congratulations on being almost finished!!

    1. jencnipps Post author

      Thank you.

      It is difficult to take time off without doing anything “work” related. (I put the word in quotes because many people don’t think the things I do — writing or crochet — as work even if I’m getting paid for it.

  2. Martha

    OMG, you are so close to your goal, you can do it!! I never seem to rest, my mind is always creating something even when I’m not at work creating an actual project. Same with blogging, I’m always doing something and I say, “that will be a great blog topic”.


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