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I get this question quite a bit when people find out that I write.

“What do you write about?”

The short answer: A little bit of everything.

Or: Whatever needs to be written.

The long answer is more involved. The topic areas I cover (for nonfiction) are creativity, social media, and disability/diabetes. Writing about planning falls under creativity because it can help make room for more creativity in our lives.

When it comes to fiction, I write romance, fantasy, and young adult. Topics vary from project to project.

I also write articles, short stories, and poems. One of my personal projects this year is a daily haiku. You can follow that on my Instagram.

That’s not exactly the full answer, but it’s a good start when it comes to what I write.

My question for you is: What do you prefer to write? If you’re not a writer, what do you prefer to read?

4 thoughts on “What I Write About”

  1. Growing up, I wanted to write fantasy and science fiction for a living, but things happened and I ended up writing code instead. Right now, I’m taking a baby-related hiatus from programming, and finally worked up the courage to write again. I only have two blog posts of slice-of-life stuff so far, but the whole “courage” thing is a recent development, coming on the heels of years of self-doubt. Let’s just say it’s work in progress.

  2. I have dreams of what I want to write – short stories, picture books and kids books (all ages), non-fiction are among the first priorities for me. As of now, writing stuff on my blog is what I do mainly (which includes poetry)..
    love the haiku a day project 🙂 will check it out

  3. Most of my Amazon books are nonfiction, about hygge. But I have written romance as well. My dream is to write more Christmas romances, but I will probably have to take a class first to improve my writing. I read romance novels, and for non-fiction, mostly things that are spiritual or magical.

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