Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf Is Live

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Gray and white and black scarf with fringe. The twisted Stitches Cowl Fringed Scarf display.

I am a little bit late on my own schedule in releasing the Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf, but you wouldn’t know that if I didn’t tell you. I had to slow down on my crocheting a little bit or I was going to work myself into tendinitis again. I don’t want that, so that means sometimes I have to slow down.

As I was making my last pattern, the Twisted Stitches Cowl, I was wondering how it would look in a thicker yarn and as a more traditional scarf, maybe with some fringe. Well, you know how that goes. Once I wondered it, I had to try it. So that’s how the Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf came about. As an alternative, if you would rather have an infinity scarf, leave the fringe off and join the short ends together.

About the Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf

You will love this stitch pattern as much as I do. It’s alternating rows, so it provides some visual and textural interest, but it’s also a two-row repeat, so it’s not hard to memorize. That makes it meditative. 

It is because of this meditative nature that I decided to make an entire Twisted Stitches Collection. In a couple weeks, I will release the Twisted Stitches Earwarmer. It is designed with two buttonholes to make it somewhat adjustable. The button goes in the back so the stitch pattern will be at the front.

After that, there will be one more Twisted Stitches pattern. It will be either a beanie or fingerless gloves. Which would you prefer? Leave a comment and tell me.

Oh, but here’s a secret.

You will not be able to buy the last pattern on its own. It will be a bonus as part of a holiday bundle that will be available starting at the end of October. It will be at a special price through the end of the year and then it will go up in price.

More about that in a future post, though.

Meanwhile, head on over to Ravelry or Etsy and get your copy of the Twisted Stitches Fringed Scarf. It’s not too early to start making Christmas gifts.

Actually, considering that it’s the middle of October, if you haven’t started making your holiday gifs yet, you’re getting a late start. Good thing this is an easy pattern so you can make several of them. (See what I did there?)

Happy crocheting!

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