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Pinterest image of a close-up of a light blue cowl on a semi-transparent white dress form. A whit text box in the lower right corner says, “Ultimate Blog Challenge. Cal for Crochet Pattern Testers. You could be one of the lucky few To get a pattern before it’s released to the world at large.”

As you know, I usually do blog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, I intentionally did not do a blog post yesterday. That was partly because I was getting ready to put out a call for crochet pattern testers. But, also, today I am starting the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The mission, and I chose to accept it, is to write a post a day every day in the month of July.

So that is what I’m doing here.

And now that you know about that, let me get to the actual point of this post.

I have been working on designing some crochet patterns. The first one I chose to release is the twisted Stitches Cowl.

About the Pattern

Close-up of a light blue cowl on a semi-transparent white dress form.

The Twisted Stitches Cowl lives up to its name with crossed double crochet stitches and a twisted single crochet border. It makes a great accessory for fall, or even summer if a different yarn is used.

I would say this is an advanced beginner/intermediate project just because of the twisted stitches. Once you get the hang of those though, it should be relatively easy. I do recommend you pay attention to your stitch count for the first several rows. It was easy for me to get off track a few times. Every row should have no more than 20 stitches total.

Ideally, I will choose testers by Friday, July 3, 2020, and you would have 2 weeks to get it back to me. That would make your notes and photos dude to me no later than Friday, July 17, 2020. Send me an email or fill out the contact form if you want to do this and can meet the deadline.

That’s it about the crochet pattern test. I’ll see you back here tomorrow with another post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. That one will be a review of a hook I got off of Etsy.

14 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern Testers Request”

  1. Beautiful stitch! My mom was an excellent knitter and crocheter but I took after my grandmother and became a seamstress then drapery maker. I can crochet the basic running stitch. Don’t even know if that’s what it’s called. LOL

    1. Thank you. I think what you are calling the running stitch might be a beginning chain? I don’t know. lol. I do know I can’t sew much at all, but I can sure secure a button. 🙂

  2. One of the things I wanted to learn while stuck at home over the last few months was to learn to crochet. That didn’t happen…but I shared with my fiber arts friends, lol!

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