TV on or Off? 3 Benefits to Crocheting without Distractions

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An iPad screen showing a slide from a video conference. On top of the screen is a work-in-progress of red yarn with a silver crochet hook visible at the bottom. An example of what not to do if you want to be crocheting without distractions.

As I write this post, I have to admit that I am guilty of crocheting with the TV on. I do this a lot. I have also watched YouTube videos or listened to podcasts if there isn’t anything worthwhile (to me) on TV. I have to admit, though, there are some benefits to crocheting without distractions. 

Crocheting without Distractions?

Yes, it is possible. With projects that require a lot of counting or complicated patterns, it is even preferable. Some of the benefits to crocheting with the TV off include:

  1. Better concentration
  2. Fewer mistakes
  3. More consistent tension.

1. Better Concentration

It is. no secret that anything going on in the background is a distraction, no matter what we are doing. But it seems like some things are more influenced than others. This is why I think crocheting without distraction is important. 

Sometimes we need all of our concentration on the project at hand. I know this isn’t always possible, so just turning off the TV can provide an increase in our concentration and improve our projects.

2. Fewer Mistakes

This goes along with improved concentration. When we are distracted, we make more mistakes than when we minimize distractions. Some things will always happen. The phone will ring in th middle of a project. The dog needs to go out. Family needs to be fed.

Life happens. Life provides numerous distractions on its own. So eliminating some of them will improve your work by causing fewer mistakes.

3. Improved Tension

Depending on what I’m watching on TV, my tension can get tighter or looser. If it’s consistently tight or loose, that isn’t such a big deal, depending on the project. Often, scarves and shawls aren’t as dependent on gauge and tension as hats, gloves, and seaters.

Crocheting without distractions will allow you to maintain consistent tension throughout your project. 

Other Benefits

I’m positive I have overlooked some important benefits to crocheting without distractions. Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating always working with the TV off or without any other distractions. Sometimes TV and crochet go perfectly together, especially when it’s a relatively easy, repetitive pattern. If you need such a pattern, check out the Frosted Windows Scarf, a free pattern on this blog.

What did I forget? What are some benefits you see when you turn the TV off and focus only on your work?

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