This Loopy Life podcast art. White background with purple text that says This Loopy Life. Jen Nipps, a white female with blond hair and glasses in a red shirt smiles at the camera in the lower left corner.

This Loopy Life Podcast Trailer Transcript

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This Loopy Life podcast art. White background with purple text that says This Loopy Life. Jen Nipps, a white female with blond hair and glasses in a red shirt smiles at the camera in the lower left corner.


Welcome to This Loopy Life, where we talk about yarn, crochet, and all things fiber. I’m your host Jen, your favorite neighborhood yarnie. Welcome to the show.

(music fades)

Hi and welcome! I’m really glad you’re here. 

I know as of right now you know nothing about me, so I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and the concept behind this podcast. So, yes, my name is Jen. I have This Loopy Life podcast and group on Facebook. I am legally blind and I believe that if you want to crochet you can. If I can learn it with my vision problems, you can learn it and — for that matter — I can help you.

So, my thought for this podcast is I will have segments where I will talk about new stitches that you may or may not know how to do. I will talk about projects I’m working on, projects I want to work on, my favorite crochet designers, other crochet makers, and yarn and hook reviews. 

There will be sponsors to this podcast because in order for me to be able to provide you with this content, there must be some way I have to have some way to bring some income in. And, you know, that’s the way it goes with everything whether it’s a blog or a YouTube video or a podcast. Everyone gets to advertising, so I figured let’s set that expectation at the beginning and you won’t be surprised when you see it.  For that matter, let’s have a word from our first sponsor, which is the host for this podcast, Anchor.

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If you haven’t heard about Anchor, it’s the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain.

  • It’s free.
  • There are creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer.
  • Anchor will distribute your podcast for you so you can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and many more.
  • You can make money from your podcast with no minimums.
  • It has everything you need to make a podcast in one place

You can download the free Anchor app or go to to get started, That’s what I did.

(Popping sound effect)

Now that you know you can find me here on or on Apple Podcasts or on Facebook in This Loopy Life, where else can you find me?

Well, I’m pretty much all over the internet. If you look for Jen Nipps, that’s N-I-P-P-S and Jen only has one N. So you look for Jen Nipps on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, you will probably find me. There are not many people with my last name. I have a blog and website, which is That’s all one word. So you can find me there.

For that matter, in the explore page on Instagram and on Twitter you can type in jennippsonline and that will probably bring me up easier than Jen Nipps does. 

I am a pattern designer, so you can look for me on Ravelry on Jen Nipps. I’m also on Etsy. Pretty much, if you look for me somewhere, you can find me. I don’t hide. I’m pretty much an open book. If you look for me on a platform, if you can’t find me, I’m probably not there. I do like to hang out on Clubhouse and Greenroom, on Facebook and Twitter, and on Instagram. Those are the places you’ll find me easily.

I’m trying to think of what else you might need to know. I’ve been crocheting for — well, for the second time — for about 12 or 13 years. The first time I learned, I had a friend in college teach me. Let’s just say I made a scarf that would not bend. I didn’t know anything about tension. I didn’t know anything about how to hold the yarn or a hook properly. Yeah. I think I still have that scarf somewhere, but I’m not going to go looking for it. It’s best left forgotten.

With that said, this is just kind of a teaser episode of what the podcast will be like. My next episode will be early next week, I will continue release podcasts on a weekly basis. If I cannot, I will say something about when the next one will be.

For show notes and information about the posted, you can visit Anything related to the podcast that is necessary for you to find will be on that page. I will see you next time.


Thank you for listening to This Loopy Life. We will be back oAn July 6 with our first official episode. Meanwhile check out for information about this podcast. Thank you,

(music fades)

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