When Worlds Collide

Last week, I had too many things going on, so I had to rearrange some priorities. I had an outpatient procedure on Friday so health came first. Well… Health should always come first and I try to do that, but sometimes I’m better at it than other times. But because of that there were some… More When Worlds Collide

A Crapsey … What??

Cinquain. A Crapsey cinquain. Remeber it’s one of the syllabic poetry forms I mentioned in last week’s post. The Crapsey cinquain was developed by a woman named Adelaide Crapsey, an American poet. As per its name, the cinquain has five lines. The Crapsey cinquain follows a strict syllabic form: Line 1 – 2 syllables Line… More A Crapsey … What??

Video: Let’s Talk about Writing Crochet, and Creativity

Don’t you just love the frames YouTube decides to use as your video cover? that will change once I do he thumbnail and upload it, too, but until then, I’m obvioulsy in mid-word and look like I’m making a goofy face. I’m restarting my YouTube channel. Last Friday, I uploaded a reintroduction video, so here… More Video: Let’s Talk about Writing Crochet, and Creativity

Mojo Revisited

If you remember, back in June, I mentioned I had lost my mojo for writing. Since that time, I’ve tried a few things to get it back, but my usual tips and tricks didn’t really work that well this time. So what did I do? I can tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t push it.… More Mojo Revisited