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Tips for Effective Interviews

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I’m working with the local newspaper on some articles. I’ve been doing several interviews because of that. In the process, I’ve learned — or rediscovered — some things. Have at least 10 questions ready. I have discovered that if I go in with fewer than 10 questions, I don’t […]

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Weekend Schedule

Earlier, someone on Facebook asked what people’s plans are for the weekend. After I posted, I realized this weekend is fuller than most. It looks to be a good one, though. As of today, I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo project since I haven’t done any work on it today. I’ll use tomorrow to catch up […]

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The Wheels Are Turning

It is easy to get lulled into the belief that writing is writing is writing. Today, I was reminded that is not necessarily the case. Researching articles for news writing is a different ballgame than researching for magazine articles. True, some of the basics are the same, but the process itself is different. You have […]

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