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My Editing Process

When you think about editing, I’m sure you imagine the proverbial red pen, bleeding all over the page. Right? Although the red pen still, undoubtedly, has its place, things have changed quite a bit. I would say 99% of my editing is done on the computer. I use a PC, so I use Microsoft Word. […]

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Guest Post: Throat Singing

Guest post by Neil Douglas Newton In the decade leading to his death Richard Feynman, the famous physicist, challenged his friend Ralph Leighton to travel to a tiny republic that had become part of the Soviet Union. Tuva is a tiny country in Asia that is populated by what is known as Turkic people. During […]

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Guest Post: Interview with Musician Gaelynn Lea

Guest Post by Neil Douglas Newton Gaelynn Lea is musician unique to her age group and her time. While most women engaged in acoustic music would be treading the singer songwriter path, Gaelynn weaves a fascinating tapestry of personal themes and clearly Celtic musical sensibilities. Her songs and her voice are haunting, her lyrics poetic […]

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Happy Easter & Future Plans

I am determined to make a go of this blogging thing. I don’t know why I’m so sporadic with it. Once again, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I feel like if I make it through an entire month of daily posting, I can then set a sustainable schedule and maintain the blog […]

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