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Have You Ever Done a Make-Along?Have You Ever Done a Make-Along?

Depending on what you choose to do as your creative outlet, a make-along could be a crochet-along (CAL), knit-along (KAL) or something else. This year,

Begin at the BellBegin at the Bell

The following is an excerpt from 80 Creativity Tips. A friend of mine said this before writing exercise we did at the kick-off party flash

Who Are You?Who Are You?

Whether we realize it or not, who we are is essential to our creativity. This is brought home to me quite often since I do

Boredom vs. QuietBoredom vs. Quiet

Let’s revisit the poll I posted a few days ago. I asked if boredom was necessary for creatives. I didn’t get a lot of response,

Let’s Get This Party Started!Let’s Get This Party Started!

Hello! And welcome to the July Ultimate Blog Challenge. During this month, I will be posting a lot more than I would normally. (OK, given

Getting Personal for a MinuteGetting Personal for a Minute

There are some things I don’t talk about on my blog or social media. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or ashamed, but they don’t fit

Groups of Like-Minded CreativesGroups of Like-Minded Creatives

I have a question for you. Do you belong to a group? Groups online, like on Facebook, are OK, but I mean in person. Are

New Book: Journal Your Way to CreativityNew Book: Journal Your Way to Creativity

Blurb: “Journal Your Way to Creativity is a 90-day self-guided journal designed to help readers tap into their creativity. Some of the prompts may sound

A Short AnnouncementA Short Announcement

I know I am well overdue for a blog post. I’ll get to that this week. For now, I have a quick announcement. I have

Putting Down the Needles, Picking Up the HookPutting Down the Needles, Picking Up the Hook

I could be called a fiber artist, if you were so inclined. Sometimes I refer to myself that way because I do more than one