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Give Yourself the Gift of Creativity

There is something to be said about buying something for yourself from yourself. It’s not selfish (unless absolutely everything is for you). It’s taking care of yourself. If you want to give yourself the gift of creativity, I can help you with that. I have three books, Devoted to Creating: Igniting the Creative Spark in […]

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You’re Halfway There

Today is Day 3 of 5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut. You’ve been introduced to the concept of the Idea Pocket. You’ve collected some items to include in it. Now it’s time to use it. Today, you need a pen and notebook and your Idea Pocket. Sit down, open your notebook, and […]

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Introducing Courses & Book Bundles

I have been sitting on a couple ideas for quite a while and I think it’s beyond time to get going with them. What is it? Courses! I have two in mind. 40 Days of Creativity Challenge This one will start the day after Thanksgiving and go for 40 days. That will take us into […]

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