Other Creative Work

I talk about writing often enough here that you might wonder if I do any other creative work. I do.

I knit, crochet, make jewelry, do handlettering, and make greeting cards. I primarily crochet, though.

I love shawls and scarves. I’ve recently made an infinity scarf and a cowl for Christmas gifts. I’m working on one that’s called a “Dragon Belly Shawl.” It’s gorgeous! After it’s done, I’m going to make a pair of dragon-scale fingerless gloves/mitts.

I do offer things for sale, but most of what I make is gifted to different people for different reasons.

Recently, I’ve had to slow down. I’ve developed tendonitis and it’s taking forever to get well, even with a brace and exercises. (Yes, I even type with the brace on.)

Who Are You?

(c) 2017 Richard R. Barron
Used with permission

Whether we realize it or not, who we are is essential to our creativity. This is brought home to me quite often since I do have some limitations on what I can/can’t do because of my eyesight.

In my jewelry-making, I don’t use bead-weaving techniques or even very many seed beads (those tiny beads often sold in tubes) because it’s too difficult for me to see the holes in the beads. When I crochet, so far I haven’t used the tiny steel hooks for similar reasons.

In order to define myself as a creative, I have to consider, and often work around, these issues. Sometimes I indulge in a little what-if.

What if I didn’t have to think about those things? What if I could just do what I wanted to do without thinking about accommodations or the size and type of the materials I want to use?

Usually, I write that off as an exercise in futility. (Pun intended. Sometimes even what and how I choose to write is determined by these issues.) But…

What if there was a way that those issues could be rendered irrelevant?

What if there was something that would let me see better than I have ever seen in my life? (I was born legally blind.)

There is.

It’s called eSight Eyewear electronic glasses. (The link will open in a new tab/window.) Remember the guy in Star Trek that had funky glasses that allowed him to see? What was once only in the realm of science fiction is a reality, folks.

But, as of right now, it’s rather out of reach for me, unless I have help. And I’m working on that. There will be some new things coming soon that will help me raise money for it. And any sale of my books, jewelry, photos, or crocheted/knit items will go toward that.

eSight’s tagline/hashtag is #everyonedeservestosee. I believe it. Do you?

A Short Announcement

I know I am well overdue for a blog post. I’ll get to that this week. For now, I have a quick announcement.

I have opened an Etsy shop. It’s Made by JEN Enterprises. I have:

  • books (including the 2018 Project Planner for Creatives and Create Your Own DIY Planner, all digital downloads)
  • planner pages (all digital downloads)
  • necklaces.

I will be adding more soon. I will include:

  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • more necklaces
  • more books (digital downloads)
  • knit/crocheted items
  • photos (digital and print)
  • cards (print)
  • crochet patterns (digital downloads)

Here’s the link to go check it out.