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What Do I Pay to Get Published?What Do I Pay to Get Published?

It’s often an unasked question, implied instead of direct. Many people don’t want to appear crass or rude by talking about something as obscene as

A New ChallengeA New Challenge

Late last year, I hosted a challenge to help people get out of a creative rut. It seemed to go okay. Late December, I asked

What Is a Creativity Coach?What Is a Creativity Coach?

I’ve talked before about creativity coaching, but what is a creativity coach? Creativity coaching is a subset of life coaching that focuses on your creative

What I Write AboutWhat I Write About

I get this question quite a bit when people find out that I write. “What do you write about?” The short answer: A little bit

3 Apps for Productivity3 Apps for Productivity

I see so many people talk about what apps they use for productivity. So much so that I almost dismissed this idea as a post.

2019 Goals2019 Goals

I know you can set goals and meet them at any time of the year, but there’s something about the beginning of the year that

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

Are you ready for 2019? I am! I have my plans in place (though flexible) and ready to go. This blog is part of that.

What kind of challenge do you want?What kind of challenge do you want?

I am looking at doing another challenge in the middle of January. My question for you is this: Would you rather have “5 Days to

Notebook ChallengeNotebook Challenge

A few days ago, I shared a video from Sarra Cannon of HeartBreathings where she talked about different ways to fill a notebook. At the

So Close….So Close….

After Christmas, the temptation is strong to just coast to the New Year. It’s still the holiday season and there’s no need to do any