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A Crapsey … What??A Crapsey … What??

Cinquain. A Crapsey cinquain. Remeber it’s one of the syllabic poetry forms I mentioned in last week’s post. The Crapsey cinquain was developed by a

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

How is that for a throwback to childhood and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? But seriously wouldn’t it be great to have a large community of neighbors

So Close….So Close….

After Christmas, the temptation is strong to just coast to the New Year. It’s still the holiday season and there’s no need to do any


Welcome to day 1 of 5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut! Today, I ask that you make an Idea Pocket. In case


I made two mistakes. First, on Tuesday, I did a book spotlight for a book that’s already been promoted and free. I can’t do that

5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut

I like participating in challenges. Do you? I decided to create a challenge to introduce us to each other before the 40 Days of Creativity

Food for Thought: A Question for YouFood for Thought: A Question for You

Yesterday, I was on Instagram and watching IG Stories. One person I follow said boredom is necessary for creatives. They/we need it to make room

There’s an App for ThatThere’s an App for That

In today’s world, it seems like there is an app for everything. Want to learn Spanish? Download Duolingo. Want to meditate? Download Insight Meditation. Want

My Project NotebookMy Project Notebook

Earlier, I posted some things about my project notebook on Instagram. (You can follow me there if you want.) I decided to paste them into