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Hooray! You Got Started!

Welcome to Day 2 of 5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut! Yesterday, you made your Idea Pocket. Today, you’re going to fill it. Unless you’ve used a box or a big envelop, you want to keep your items small. Some suggestions of things to include in your Idea Pocket are: Rocks. Beads. […]

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Get Set….

Yesterday, I told you some things you’ll need for the creativity challenge – 5 Days to Get Out of a Creative Rut. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about one of the key tools you’ll put together tomorrow. The Idea Pocket. The purpose of The Idea Pocket is to promote creativity.  Through […]

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I made two mistakes. First, on Tuesday, I did a book spotlight for a book that’s already been promoted and free. I can’t do that one again until 90 days have passed. Second, today, I almost forgot to do a blog post. With the way today has gone, I thought about not doing one at […]

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