Why Did I Start a Podcast?

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Why did I start a podcast?

Here’s the short answer: I wanted to.

Here’s the longer answer: I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for at least a couple years.

That’s all I did though. I thought about it. I thought about what format I would want it to take. I thought about who I would bring on for guest spots. I thought about who I wanted to interview. I thought about what I wanted to talk about.

I thought. I thought. I thought. I thought. I thought.

This year, my word for the year has been “focus.” It seems, then, that starting something new would be opposite that theme. Right?



Here’s why: I have been interested in and studied creativity for at least 15 years. I knew any podcast I would do would relate to creativity. This year, I have worked on several projects that relate to creativity, tapping into it, reinvigorating it, and so on.

Because of that renewed focus on the subject, it was a natural extension to start the podcast this year. So I did. After I chose the platform I would host it on, I uploaded a few short episodes and then discovered I have a very limited amount of space. Many things I thought I would want to do — bring guests in for interviews, etc. — simply cannot happen right now or it would use up my available space very quickly.

Unfortunately, I am not at a place where I can pay hosting fees right now. That will come, I have no doubt. In the meantime, though, I had to reconsider my format. I asked myself two main questions:

  1. Do I want to go with my original ideas and have longer episodes, thus using my space faster and having to find a new host sooner than expected?
  2. Do I want to reconsider the format and go with shorter episodes?

Ultimately, I decided on the second one. Not only does it allow me to learn more about what I’m doing, but it’s also more…digestible. If you download it to listen while you’re driving from one place to another, you don’t have to have a long drive. Short, five-minute drives are sufficient and my episodes fit nicely in that time frame. You won’t be in the middle of a thought/idea (on the podcast) when you get to your destination.

Once I know more about what I’m doing and have a different host where I can bring guests on, my episodes will get longer. For now, I think they’re a good length.

Oh, and in case you missed it in a previous post, my podcast is Wandering on the Creative Path on SoundCloud.

Two Links

I’m going to do something I don’t usually do. I’m going to send you to other sites to read/listen to what I want to talk about. These links will open in a new tab or window, depending on how you have your browser set.

First, I have a guest blog up on Tierra Wilson’s Busy & Chic blog. It’s Why Entrepreneurs Should Start a Writing Practice.

Second, I mentioned I’ve started a podcast. It’s Wandering on the Creative Path and it’s on SoundCloud. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s going to stay on SoundCloud, so if you have any free podcast hosting suggestions, send them my way. Anyway, episodes 0 (the introduction) through 3 have been uploaded.

Coming Soon to a Podcast Near You

After years of thinking about it and occasionally talking about it, I am finally doing it.

What is “it”?

I’m starting a podcast. I have the introduction recorded (episode 0) and will be working on the first episode later today. I hope to have more episodes uploaded in a couple days.

What is it about?

Creativity, of course.

That’s the short answer. The longer answer is it’s about helping people reconnect with their creativity and be reminded that they are creative. It’s about the creative journey called life and how we each have our own ways of living it.

It’s called “Wandering the Creative Path.”

Here’s where you come in.

  1. I would love for you to listen to it. The introductory episode is up on SoundCloud.
  2. Are you a creative who would like to be interviewed about your creative journey? Send me an email! We’ll set up a Skype call where you’ll be recorded and uploaded to the podcast.
  3. Are you (a) convinced you’re not creative or (b) in a creative rut and want a coach? Email me! We’ll do a 15-30 minute coaching session and use it on the podcast.

If you want to participate but don’t want to be recorded, send me an email anyway. We can work something out.

Happy creating!

Quick Question

Background: I received an email from someone I do not know who read Create Your Own DIY Planner. She asked if I would be creating a planner for creatives and selling it.