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Do You Wish You Were More Creative?

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You think you’re not creative. Or you feel “blocked.” You get frustrated and don’t know what to do next. Well…. I can help you with that. In more ways than one. First, I have a few books out that address various aspects of creativity. They’re all linked below […]

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What Is a Creativity Coach?

I’ve talked before about creativity coaching, but what is a creativity coach? Creativity coaching is a subset of life coaching that focuses on your creative life. Many times, a creativity coach is certified through the Creativity Coaching Association. A creativity coach can work with pretty much any creative professional, whether artist, writer, actor, etc. The […]

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Getting My Start in Creativity

I cant tell you exactly how and when I got my start in creativity. Well… That’s not necessarily true. I started when I was a kid, thanks to my mother’s encouragement. What I’m really referring to is when I started studying creativity. At some point, I discovered The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Though I […]

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