Remembering Gloria Teague

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Welcome to August. I’m back from my summer hiatus. My plans for the blog got derailed a little bit. I’m going to take this post to honor the memory of a dear friend and mentor.

Gloria Teague, a white woman wearing a Tennessee Vols fuzzy hat, smiles at the camera
Gloria Teague, image used with permission

Gloria Teague was a top-notch writer. She was a cheerleader for other writers. There were multiple times she was a cheerleader for me. I knew any advice she gave would be sound and based on real-world experience.

In addition to that, she was an advocate for people with Crohn’s disease, which she had for years. She was a breast cancer survivor, which had been in remission for years before returning. 

She often talked about her family. She always spoke of them with love. If she ever had anything negative to say about anyone, family or friend or acquaintance, you didn’t know it.

Here is a list of her published books:

  • By the Light of a Twisted Moon
  • Saturday Night Cocoa Fudge
  • Miracles Beyond Medicine
  • Evil Iniquity
  • Bucky (short story)
  • Through the Shadows: A Paranormal Romance
  • Mirror, Mirror (short story)
  • The Senior Bowl (short story)
  • Peace Before Dying (short story)
  • How to Find Your First Husband (short story)
  • Beyond the Surgeon’s Touch: One  Miracle Away from Death
  • Safe in the Heart of a Miracle: More True Stories of Medical Miracles
  • Innocence Sacrificed
  • Exit Only

I’m not going to link to each individual item. Feel free to go to Amazon and search for Gloria Teague (or click here). I’m sure her family will appreciate any purchase to help keep her words, work, and memory alive.

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