Ready, Set, Go: Talking about Crochet Hooks

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Three crochet hooks on a red background.

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After my “5 Things About Me” post, I started to wonder how, exactly, am I going to incorporate my low vision in posts about crochet and how I do things? I’m still not completely certain about that, but I have no doubt I’ll figure it out as I go.

That’s the way this whole blogging thing works anyway, right?
That’s the way I’ve always approached it anyway. It works for me.

Since I’m winging it and I tentatively called this post “Ready, Set, Go?”, I’ve only just now figured out exactly how to approach this post. (And by the time you see this, it will have either a different title or an addition to the original title.)

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If the way things physically feel makes a difference, and it does, where better to start than talking about crochet hooks.

I started with Boye crochet hooks* (reminder that this is an affiliate link that I might make a small commission from). They’re smooth metal. They feel fine, but they’re not always comfortable to use. The same goes with Susan Bates crochet hooks*, although those are mostly acrylic. They serve a great purpose and I know people who love them. I’ve used a variety of hooks. I’ve used acrylic, wood, metal, bamboo, plastic, and various types of metal hooks.

My current favorites:

  • Yarnology Luxury Crochet HookYarnology Luxury Crochet Hooks, available at Hobby Lobby. I have every size they make from H 5mm to Q 15mm. They’re a type of plastic, but they feel nice in my hands. They have a wider handle than most others. They’re colorful and have embossed floral designs on the handle. Honestly, I wish they made a size G 4.5mm. I don’t use a G often, but I’ve had to use that size several times recently.
  • Furls Crochet Odyssey*. I only have one of these hooks, but I love it! It’s peach and silver and so pretty! It has a much thicker handle than most. At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it. Then I was sure I hated it. I was so disappointed because I wanted to love it. Now I do. I have a size J 6mm.
  • Furls Crochet Streamline in Ebony wood*. I have two of these in size H 5mm and I 5.5mm. These are so comfortable and easy to use. Their grip is about halfway between the Odyssey and the Yarnology hooks. In fact, using the Streamline hooks got me to where I love the Odyssey hook now. They’re the perfect in-between size when you’re adjusting to a more ergonomic hook.

I still have all of my metal crochet hooks. I won’t be getting rid of them any time soon, but I have to admit that I can crochet for longer periods of time with these other hooks than I can with the standard metal hooks. Since I hold my work closer to my face (so I can see it) than most people do, the way a hook feels and its ease of use make a big difference.

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