Read, Listen, Learn

This is not the post I had lined up for today. That one will wait for another time.

Today, I want us to take a step back. Look at what we read. I know my own to-read pile consists of primarily white men and women. Especially men.

Especially white.

Today, I want us to all read books and poems and articles by people of color. I want us to listen to them.

To learn from them.

Please do your own research to determine who you want to read. A beginning list could include

  • Toni Morrison
  • Maya Angelou
  • Langston Hughes
  • Octavia Butler
  • Gwendolyn Brooks

These are just a few. This list is far from exhaustive. Start here, but add your own. Ask for recommendations from your friends.

Never stop reading. Never stop listening.

Never stop learning.

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