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From her Amazon Author Page:

Angela Drake believes in happy endings, the magic of ‘what if’ and in second chances. When not living vicariously through her characters, Angela writes about and promotes Texas and classic country music. She is an active member of two local writer’s organizations. Angela enjoys time with her granddaughters, gardening, journaling, and a myriad of artistic pursuits. She shares a home in the Ozarks with her husband, three dogs and two cats. She loves networking with readers and writers through her Facebook, twitter and blog.

Today we are fortunate to have Angela on the blog for her new book, Somewhere Down the Line, published by Boroughs Publishing Group. She took the time from her promotion efforts to answer a few questions for us.

What was your process during the writing of Somewhere Down the Line?
I wrote Somewhere Down the Line during NanoWriMo 2012… in 18 days!

I immersed myself in music by the band who inspired the story, including the title track. I cruised the internet and found THE house on Galveston Bay. If I had a cool million Dollars to toss around, that house would be mine. LOL

How did you decide on a publisher to submit it to?
Serendipity played a big roll. I didn’t write Somewhere Down the Line with the intent of seeing publication. This was just one of those stories I had to write based on an idea that would not turn loose. One of those ‘what if’ things that came about during a situation. That was in Nov. 2012. In the spring of 2013, Boroughs Publishing Group offered up a contest called ‘What’s In A Name?’. The story had to be based on a song title. I had one! The clincher was that Chris Keesler is the Editor In Chief of Boroughs. I have admired Chris for years. This was my chance to work with my dream editor. I wound up being one of the three top finalists, guaranteeing a contract for my novella.

New Somewhere Down the Line_coverAfter it was accepted, what was the process of getting to publication?
I went from six months without a budge to from edits to publication in under 5 weeks. I have Chris Keesler to thank for jumping into my corner and taking the lead. Sometimes you have to speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

Is this part of a series or does it stand alone?
Somewhere Down the Line is a stand-alone. However, through the process I have found a way to combine my one true passion, music, with writing stories. So there will be more books with a song title theme and/ or music settings.

What’s next?
I have two projects in progress. One is to figure out why my first completed work hasn’t seen publication yet (though it did get ‘The Call’ once). I’ve changed the title to A Christmas to Remember (Dolly Parton song) and see if I can’t move this one out the door.

My new project is about a fireman in New England, a widow with a young son and exploring the history of ‘Field Days’.

Visit Angela’s blog by clicking her picture above. You can buy Somewhere Down the Line on Amazon.

You can also find her at:
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