Published Books

80 Creativity Tips

80 Creativity Tips provides a jump start to creativity and a boost when motivation is low.

Print: $8.25
Available from Amazon.

On Kindle: $3.99.






Get Twitter-pated: A Writer’s Handbook to Twitter

GET TWITTER-PATED is a guide to help writers get started on Twitter. Information is presented in a conversational manner with room for readers to write out their responses as they plan their user names, profile pages, and application preferences.

In addition, GET “TWITTER”PATED includes:
1. Workbook pages for planning their Twitter presence.
2. Do’s and Don’ts from other writers and social media experts on Twitter.
3. Appendices listing people mentioned in the book, a glossary, and book publishers on Twitter..
4. Descriptions of hashtags and how they work, Twitter search, chats, and third-party clients.

Print: $9.95
Available from CreateSpace
Available from Amazon

On Kindle: $4.99

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Windsong & Other Poems

Windsong & Other Poems is a poetry collection accumulated over time. Topics range from the weather to the impact of a certain color to sex and anything in between. *Note: There is some coarse language in a couple of the poems included in this collection.

Print: $6.25
Available from CreateSpace.
Available from Amazon.

On Kindle: $2.99.

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Devoted to Creating

Everyone who is made in the image of God is creative. These devotions illustrate how creativity surrounds us and how we can use it in his service even-and especially-in unexpected ways, such as teaching, parenting, gardening, and cooking as well as the more expected outlets of writing, painting, and drawing. Hopefully they will help ignite the spark of creativity in you.

Available in print and on Kindle and Nook.

Print: $13.95
Kindle/Nook: $2.99

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