#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 3

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We’re at the halfway point. How is it going?

Today, I’d like you to think about what other sections you need in your planner. For an example, see this post I did a while back about my planner for 2019.

Share a picture of either the list you come up with or the section dividers in your planner. Remember to use the hashtag so we can find you.

2 thought on “#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 3”

  1. Angela

    Because I use individual planners for different things, my workhors only has 3 categories. Month on 2 pages, Daily on 1 page and notes. and with that, I can sill only keep 1 quarters worth of daily pages in there at a time. I do keep all of the Month on 2 pages for the entire year.

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