Taking My Own Advice

jen1Back in October, I posted about Creative Self-Care. I have to admit that I haven’t really done that myself. I’ve been in get-it-done mode.

You know how it is.

You have your list. You’re checking it twice. You’re gonna find out who’s naughty… Wait. Wrong list. And I’m not Santa.

Anyway, you have your list and you double- and triple-check to make sure you’re dong everything you want to do. Then a hiccup comes along and makes you adjust your plan, but you’re still determined to get it done.

You don’t take time for you. You get run down. You don’t feel all that great. You’re trying to do everything right, but you’re… just… so… tired.

I’m there.

There are a lot of reasons for it, not just being busy and trying to get things done, but that is part of it.

I’ve decided to lighten up on myself. I’m not going to harp on what I have or haven’t done, because that’s not the point.

I am going to rest. I am going to do things for me. That includes reading and listening to podcasts just for the fun of it. If my wrist cooperates, that means making a “dragon belly” shawl and some dragon-scale fingerless gloves. Or starting them, anyway.

It means slowing down and taking my own advice.


4 Lessons in Creativity (a TED Talk)

This is a video that has been on my to-watch list for a while. I thought I would move it to the forefront for me to watch and share it with you at the same time.

Humor Me, Please

InLogo1 writing posts for this blog and looking for other resources that you might find relevant, I often wonder what it is you really want to see here.

If you would, take a few minutes and humor me. Please fill out the survey linked here. It will open in a new window/tab, so if you have popups blocked (who doesn’t anymore?), you will probably need to hold down the “Ctrl” button (on a PC; I don’t know what it is on a Mac) when you click for it to open.

Your responses will help me plan content for you into 2019.

Thank you.

Podcast Recommendation

I took the weekend off for Thanksgiving. Now I’m back!

I’ve been on a podcast kick recently. Specifically, I’ve looked for new-to-me podcasts that relate to creativity.

I found one. Well, more than one, but today we’re just talking about one.

Your Creative Push

The most recent episode is an interview with magician Adam Wilber. He talks about creativity and how he says it saves his life.

Check it out!

We Interrupt Your Black Friday Shopping…

… with this reminder.

Devoted to Creating: Igniting the Creative Spark in Everyone is free on Kindle through Tuesday.

Click the cover image to get your copy now.

Creatives and the Comparison Trap

Sarra Cannon is a multi-published inde author with a YouTube channel called Heart Breathings where she talks about various aspects of her writing career and how she uses planning to support it.

Right now, she’s in the middle of a series about lessons she has learned in her eight years as an indie author. In her first video, she walks about how comparison can steal your joy as a writer. I would add as a creative person in general.

That’s why I share this here. I think it has a broad message for everyone of you reading/watching.