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Stairs at Lake Carlton dam at Robber’s Cave State Park

I need to get out and walk more. I know it. My weight proves it to me on a daily basis. Lately, the way my jeans fit proves it to me even more.

If I don’t get out enough, my mood takes a direct hit. The best way to be sure I get out more is to incorporate nature walks into my exercise regimen. (I have to laugh. At this point, I don’t really have an exercise regimen, though I keep planning on it. Does that count?)

When you read about writers, artists, poets, composers, etc., you see almost all of them mention regular walks. Some of them are short, just for exercise, but others are long, intended for musing and working through problems posed by their work.

In The Right to Write, Julia Cameron mentions going for walks on a frequent basis. She has said there is a reason our compiled progress is called a body of work. It lives inside of us, takes up residence inside our body. It requires movement, so we must move.

For some reason, I tend to forget that part, though.

All of the creatives you see talking about walking never say they walk inside, on a track. It’s all outside, to get the benefit of nature. There we can witness creativity in its most natural form. I know the birds and wildlife and trees and flowers don’t communicate directly with us and would not call it creativity if they could. That’s what it is, though. They’re creating life.

I think we could all learn something from that. I know I could.

(On a side note, this is post #100 for this blog!)

10 thought on “Nature”

  1. Barbara Radisalvjeivc

    Congrats on reaching this milestone of 100 posts. Now you can celebrate by taking a long nature walk. I love my nature photo walks. I couldn’t blog without them. I really needed one today, but couldn’t squeeze it in, since I still have to write my post for the challenge today. Being outdoors in open spaces does help me be more creative.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      I’m not at a point where I can take long walks yet, unfortunately. (Two years of keeping my foot propped up and other medical problem.s0 But I’m getting there and can finally make it to the park here by the house (about….1 block there), rest a bit, and make it back. 🙂

  2. elisa

    First, congrats on your 100th blog post! That is amazing. I’m working up to #50 myself. Great job.

    Second, when I have writer’s block I go for a walk outside. Lots of times I come back with a new idea or just decide to let it go for the day. Either way, I get in some fresh air and give myself a break.

  3. Paul B. Taubman, II

    Congrats on #100!!! Way to go!

    I go to the gym at lunchtime – it helps break up the say and gets me moving. Without, I find I get crabby – LOL – imagine that!

    Walking is a great way to move!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Janice Gill

    I walk a fair amount. My blood sugar says I should do more. My mood suffers if I don’t exercise too.

    Congratulations on Blog post 100! I have some way to go to get there 🙂

    Regards, Janice


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