My Search for the Perfect Planner

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For years, I have searched to find a planner that worked for me. I tried the DayTimer system several times. I tried academic calendars. I even tried several apps on my phone, computer, and tablet. It finally got to the point where I was trying to make my own.

I actually made some progress on it. I had a working title and some project pages described. I called it the KNOWS – Keep a Notebook Organization Working System. I started researching DIY planners.

One day, I happened across this thing called a “Bullet Journal” developed by Ryder Carroll. In his video and on his website, he describes it as “The analog system for the digital age.”

Someone else had been having the same kind of issues I had and already did the work to create a flexible planning system that would do everything I wanted — and needed — a planner to do. 

I abandoned the KNOWS and became a Bullet Journal convert.

I used it consistently for several months. Then, for various reasons, I quit.

Once again, I struggled. I knew I needed to get back to the Bullet Journal system. But it was so plain. How could I jazz it up?

Since I had found Ryder Carroll’s video on YouTube, I went back there. I typed “bullet journal” in the search and found Kara Benz and her BohoBerry channel and website.

Through her videos, I found out more about trackers, lists, collections, and other ways to add interest to my Bullet Journal.

Is it the “perfect planner?” No. But, like life itself, it’s a work in progress. I decided to have fun with it, try new things, keep what works, and change what doesn’t.

So, I guess the answer is also yes because it’s perfect for me and the changes life throws my way. One thing’s for sure: I’ll keep using it and helping other people implement it for themselves, should they want to.

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