It’s My Party, I’ll Cry if I Want To

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My birthday was earlier this week. In recent years, I’ve started celebrating my birth month instead of just the day. It makes it more fun. I bought myself a few gifts and was given a very special gift by my niece, nephew, and sister-in-law. Some of my gifts to myself were for everyday life and some were definitely crochet-related. I’ll show some of them to you.

The Gift 

Dragonfly in resin

First I want to start with the gift from my niece, nephew, and their mom. It’s a paperweight. It’s a dragonfly in resin. I love it. My sister-in-law said her grandma always told her that if a dragonfly lands on you, it’s someone visiting from heaven. I love it anyway, but that made it even more special to me.

Everyday Life

Second, are the gifts for everyday life. Since I use these things literally every day, it seems a little silly to call them gifts, but they are.

Floral glasses

I got new glasses from Zenni Optical. I got one pair from them back in March. In a conversation with my mom, I decided I needed a backup pair. Glasses from Zenni are so affordable, I didn’t have any problems doing that. The thing is, the backup pair I got are now my main pair because I love them so much.

Folded and extended cane

If glasses don’t seem like much of a gift, then this one is going to seem even less so. I got myself a new cane. It’s two-tone gray. It looks like mermaid scales. It’s matte grey and shiny gray/silver. I got it from Amazon.

Crochet Gifts

I follow several different indie yarn dyers on Facebook and Instagram. Lately, I saw some from Hue Loco and Shirsty Cat.

Ball of multicolored gray yarn from Shirsty Cat.

I forgot to take a picture of the hank from SC before I wound it into a ball. It looks like a medium gray but when I saturated winding it, I could see all the other colors in it. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s worked up. 

The other yarn I got was a mystery grab bag from Hue Loco. I was going to take a picture of it, but then I decided I would wait and use it for a review post next month. Let me just say it’s colorful and beautiful. Some will make a gorgeous shawl. Some will make a great hat. I’ll do my best to have the review up sooner rather than later.


I ended my actual birthday day with dinner with family and friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant. There was about 17 of us there. The funny thing is, it didn’t feel like that many. We had cake afterward.  When we were done, we gave the rest of the cake to.a family behind us. They had two kids and you know they were drooling over cake when we were passing it around our table.

So that’s it. That’s my birthday in a nutshell. 

Note: The links above are not affiliate links. I will not receive anything if you choose to purchase from them. However, I recommend it because they’re great companies.

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