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Since I mentioned the difficulty I was having with “just not feeling it” yesterday, I thought I would share a few motivational ideas with you.

Once I got started, I wrote about 1,400 words. I credit it to a couple things.
1. BICHOK – Butt in chair, hands on keyboard.
2. Productivity music. I mentioned Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel yesterday, but he has a couple music playlists: #EntVibes and Productive Music for Work. I listen to them both frequently. Neither one is better than the other, in my experience.

Something else that helps, but I (admittedly) don’t do very often is going for a walk. It doesn’t have to be very far, but be safe.

Doodle/draw/sketch. It doesn’t matter what you want to call it.

Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Take the cliched advice to stop and smell the roses (or whatever flower you prefer).

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we do something. We can only do so much before we have to do some self-care and refill our well. With as much as I talk about the importance of creativity in everyday life, I don’t often remind you that it’s not an unending supply. You have to do things to refill your well. These are just a few.

Happy creating.

6 thought on “Motivational Ideas”

  1. Elainie

    I totally think music helps motivate me! I’m going to checkout the productive music for work (hoping they have some 80’s beats in there, lol)

    1. jencnipps Post author

      I love 80s beats, too. Honestly, I haven’t noticed if there are any or not. It’s almost all instrumental. There’s apparently some kind of science behind it. I don’t know. I just know that I do find it helpful. 🙂

  2. Paul Taubman

    I love listening to Focus At Will ( it is awesome. Of course, I always listen to music while I am working. WHen I need to be motivated and concentrate, I will listen to Focus@Will as opposed to when I just listen to Pandora or SiriusXM. I put on music that fits my mood.

    And when I REALLY get stuck, I get out of my office and away from the computer! Once the weather gets a little nicer here in NJ, I will go outside and work on my front porch.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jeanine Byers

    Those are great suggestions! It helps me, too, to take a break when I need it, which I am about to have to do now, I think. But so does BICHOK – but I have to take it a step further. I have to write at least one sentence, even if I think it’s a bad one, and then, I’m okay.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      That’s usually part of my BICHOK routine. I probably should have said that. lol. I’m about to close my novel file for the night. I went over goal. 🙂 I added 2,029 words tonight. That puts me at a smidge over half done with the book, word-wise anyway.


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