#morecreativity Day 1

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First, I have to offer an apology. I intended to start this challenge yesterday. I kind of had a blond moment. (I am blond, so I’m only poking fun at myself.) I went through most of the day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. So now the challenge will go from the 11th to the 15th. Everything else is the same.

Day 1: Carry a notebook with you at all times.

This is true even if you aren’t a writer. The notebook is a tickle file where you put all of your ideas, even lists and conversation snippets, so you won’t forget them.

Your assignment for today: Post a picture of the notebook you intend to use. Use the hashtag #morecreativitychallenge.

7 thought on “#morecreativity Day 1”

  1. Jeanine Byers

    I do the same thing. I get completely convinced i’s one day, when it’s actually another. I love your idea – carrying a notepad around would really help.

  2. Daria

    I’m also firmly on Team Phone. I love the idea of journals, but I just don’t have the number of hands required to implement it effectively. Google Keep is a surprisingly multipurpose tool that takes care of my note-taking needs. Plus, I’m backed up is (when) my toddler gets his paws on it.

  3. justjyll

    I love notebooks! I carry a little one in my purse for daily use and bigger ones in my bag when heading to the beach or on a trip, somewhere I know I will have definitely write!


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