Meet Sally

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White dress form I named “Sally”

One of the things I have had problems with is taking good pictures of my finished items for Etsy. I tried various methods.

I tried using furniture to drape items. I tried doing what they call flat lays where you lay the object to be photographed on a flat surface and style around it. I tried to get people I know to model for me.

Nothing really worked.

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Yes, sometimes I would get a good picture. But not consistently.

More than once I wondered if my eyesight had something to do with the problems I was having. While that is possible, I knew there was a solution. Somewhere.

Through it all, I wanted a dress form. It would solve so many problems.

I wouldn’t have to coordinate schedules with a reluctant model. My things wouldn’t look flat and dull. I could show how shawls and such would drape.

But dress forms were expensive. At least, the ones I looked at were. And are.

I wanted a dress form with a realistic size. Let’s face it: I’m not little. And I wanted a dress form that wasn’t little either.

Plus-size dress forms cost over $100. That’s not in my budget. I wanted to find one at least half that.

I finally did, once I gave up the idea of having a plus-sized dress form.

I found several affordable dress forms on Amazon and made my decision.

Meet Sally

Why did I name her Sally?

There’s a tongue twister that goes, “Sally sells sea shells on the sea shore.” Well…

This Sally sells scarves, shawls, and so much more.

Start looking for her in my Etsy shop.

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