Meditation for Creativity?

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I confess, I’m on the fence on this one. Then again, I’m on the fence about meditation in general.

So why am I talking about meditation, especially as it relates to creativity?

I know some people do benefit from it. I’m not opposed to it. In fact, I have no doubt that if I made it a regular practice, I would benefit from it.

For the times I do meditate, I use Insight Timer. It’s available for both Android and iPhone. It has some meditations directly related to creativity.

What do you think about meditation? Does it help you with your creativity?

6 thought on “Meditation for Creativity?”

  1. Sam Allen Creative Coach

    I find it really helps me get in the zone. If I do a meditation on a train journey I almost always write something straight after as I’m in my soul space rather than my head space. Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a passion for poetry and have a blog in case you also have time to look? Today’s post is about being present. Have a good Monday! Sam 🙂

  2. Aletha McManama

    When I am in the middle of walking or running for exercise, this is the time I like to meditate and I have to say some of my best projects and ideas come from it, so I have to say “yes”, meditating does help with creativity!

  3. justjyll

    I definitely feel Meditation would assist with Creativity. Meditation is good for so much — clearing the mind, receiving Spiritual messages and Guidance, relaxing, stress relief, solving problems, bringing in ideas, and that’s just some of the results of a daily practice!

  4. Jeanine Byers

    I think meditation is a wonderful way to practice having what you want. So if you are writing, you could relax and then practice being thrilled with what you’ve just written. Etc.

  5. Doug Jarvie

    I am not sure if it helps. I’ll have to meditate on that. Since my meditation is done in the morning as I lie in bed thinking about what I want to do each day, I will have to sleep on this first. I am not creative when the disruptions of the day have my monkey mind spinning like a yoyo on a string.

  6. Katie

    I think meditation is really helpful. When I have meditated, I come up with ideas really easy. Another thing that helps is yoga. My blog from today came to me while I did yoga!


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