In Memoriam

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Every generation has that moment. That time when you can say without a doubt where you were and what you were doing when it happened.

9/11 was that for me.

At the time, I lived in McAlester, Oklahoma. My mother and I were getting ready for work. (I worked with her.)

I was down the hall in the bathroom putting on makeup. Mom called me to come into the living room.

Together, we watched the second plane deliberately fly into the Twin Towers.

Yesterday, I realized that at this point, there is a whole generation for which 9/11 is just another part of history.

That’s almost as mind-boggling as the fact that it happened to begin with.

I’ll get back to creativity/creative process posts on Thursday. I wanted to take a moment to remember.

One thought on “In Memoriam”

  1. writer14life

    Yes, after all this time it is still hard to believe. And people who didn’t live through this day think that the election of Trump was the worst thing to ever happen. Maybe that is why I can tolerate him at times. I’ve experienced a lot worse.


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