Gullor Elegant Baoer 79 Classic Ciger Calligraphy Fountain Pen

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I am a writer. Therefore, it should be expected that I will post about various writing devices here from time to time. Today is one of those times and it happens to be about a recent fascination of mine: Fountain pens.

Today I want to share a straight-from-the-package impression/review of the Gullor Elegant Baoer 79 Classic Ciger Calligraphy Fountain Pen. I have not had a long time to look at and evaluate the pen from all angles, so this is a first impression from a self-proclaimed pen snob.

From reviews I saw after buying the pen, it is apparently a copy of the Skywalker pen from Mont Blanc. Having never seen that pen, the comparison is meaningless to me. This is an attractive pen with a good price.

Straight from the packaging, it was apparent the pouch the pen arrived in had a hole in the bottom, making it unusable for me. If I were any good with a needle and thread, I could fix it, but I’m not. And let’s face it, this pen will have a new home in the pen loop on my bullet journal, so the unusable pouch is no big loss for me.

Some of my favorite features so far are:

  • Fine nib.
  • No bleed-through.
  • Minimal ghosting even on regular notebook paper.
  • Smooth writing.
  • Starts easily.
  • Screw cap posts on the end (and screws on there too) for better weight and size.

There is one thing I noticed. The product description claims the nib is 18k gold-plated stainless steel. However, there is no 18k plating anywhere on the nib.

It also says the pen takes international standard ink cartridges and includes a removable piston-operated iink converter. I was not able to remove the converter. For today, this was fine because I have a sample of Lamy purple/dark lilac ink I wanted to use. This might be a problem when I want to use a black ink cartridge, though.

When taking notes during a meeting this evening, I noticed a few skips. However, I am attributing this to operator error because I was writing quickly.

If you are interested in a starter pen at a good price, this is a nice option. At the time I purchased it, it was $5.50USD on Amazon. It ships from China, so I expected a long wait. It arrived a week and a half before the expected delivery date provided by the seller.

Even with such limited use of this pen so far, I would buy another one.

One thought on “Gullor Elegant Baoer 79 Classic Ciger Calligraphy Fountain Pen”

  1. Amar Vyas

    Your post is a nice review of not just the product, but the experience of using it. Mentions about the pen, and all that comes with it- the ink, changing cartridges, and the nib reminded me of an era bygone, namely, my schooldays. I am glad you are rediscovering the joys of writing with an ink pen. A couple of years ago, my Mother In Law gifted me a Fountain Pen (a Sheaffer) that she used during her college days- as a ‘prize’ for completing my first book. I have rarely used it, but after reading your post, I will.


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