Free Mother’s Day Crochet Patterns

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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. What are you going to do for that last-minute gift? Don’t worry. I have a few ideas for you. These are all quick makes, so you don’t have to hurry to get them done. These are all free, so they’re good for a tight budget, too.

Flowers that Won’t Die for Mother’s Day

I’ve mentioned this before. Donna Wolf of has carnations and other free flowers on her YouTube channel. Make six or more in various colors for a pretty bouquet.

Frosted Windows Scarf

In the original version of this scarf, I used bulky yarn. If you substitute worsted weight or thinner, you can make a scarf that is much more suited to warmer weather and your mother will have a scarf that will help knock off the chill in air-conditioned offices.

Be Mine Beanie

The same can be said for the Be Mine Beanie. However, you might have to crochet more rounds, thus using more yarn, to get the beanie to the right fit when using a thinner yarn. This is one I haven’t, admittedly, tried to make with a thinner yarn yet.

What Are You Waiting For?

If these don’t fit what you want, check out my other patterns on Ravelry. These are all pretty quick to make. If you get started, you won’t miss your Mother’s Day deadline. Be sure to hsare your makes on Instagram. tag me @jennippsonline.

Happy crocheting.

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