Food for Thought: A Question for You

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fruitYesterday, I was on Instagram and watching IG Stories. One person I follow said boredom is necessary for creatives. They/we need it to make room for the new ideas that fuel our creative work.

I am working on a post about that, but I want to know what you think. Do you agree? Please leave me a comment about why or why not.

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2 thought on “Food for Thought: A Question for You”

  1. janets123

    I voted. But I would clarify. I think a quiet mind is needful to be creative with words. A frantic life seldom produces much. I don’t call it boredom though. Just quiet. 😀

    1. jencnipps Post author

      I think you have hit the nail right on the head! I can’t quite wrap my mind around boredom being necessary, but I do think quiet is necessary. I find that time when I crochet or do other activities that don’t require a lot of thought.


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