Do I Talk Too Much?

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A few days ago, I seriously wondered this. I wondered if I talked about creativity too much or if people (mainly in my family and circle of friends) thought I was posting too much in general.

Then I started getting feedback on some of the posts I’ve been putting out. The consensus appears to be no, I do not talk too much. In fact, I might not be talking enough about all of this “creativity stuff.” At least, not yet. I’ll be getting there. I’ll be sharing my viewpoint and theories about creativity as well as parts of my own creative path.

(Speaking of, I’ve been doing some new things that I’m excited to share, but I’ll do that soon enough.)

The more I talk, the more I post, I have no doubt I will refine my thoughts and ideas about this particular topic. And then I’ll talk, post, and share more about that progression.

In the meantime, since it is the weekend, I’ll leave this as a short post.

Happy creating!

16 thought on “Do I Talk Too Much?”

  1. tracyct

    I’ve been accused of “thinking too much,” but never talking too much. Maybe I can start putting my thoughts into spoken words and then see what happens! I look forward to hearing more about creativity from you.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      Oh, I have definitely been accused of thinking too much, too. I have to say guilty as charged on that one. I recently decided it was time to stop thinking and start doing. The results have been pretty good so far.


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