Do Animals Influence Your Creativity?

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Here’s another one from that brainstormed list I mentioned yesterday.

Do animals influence your creativity?

On a purely story-telling level, I say yes. They always provide something for you to tell – or write – a story about. With the way our two dogs play and interact, there is always something to tell that they’ve done.

On an inspirational level, I say … sometimes. If Gabby (she’s a shih tzu) comes in when I’m in the middle of something, it’s usually because she wants attention. That’s not necessarily a useful thing. I am always aware of when she comes in. Sometimes she will beg for attention. Other times, she will settle down and lie in the floor by my chair.

On a psychological level, I say yes. Both of our dogs are always mood-lifters. Gabby knows when I don’t feel well and she stays very close by at those times. Zack (he’s a schnauzer) knows, too, but he’s more apt to keep his distance. When I’m in the living room, for example, and not working on anything, he’ll sit on my foot and lean against my leg so I know he’s there. If it’s a particularly bad time, he’ll force his nose under my hand so I have no choice but to pet him. My life is definitely better because of these two critters.

So to answer this question, I have two definite yeses and a sometimes. Ultimately, I think that means, for me, that animals do influence my creativity. They definitely influence my feelings of well-being, which is the real influence on creativity.

What about the animals in your life, past or present?

7 thought on “Do Animals Influence Your Creativity?”


    I thought you were going in a different direction. Keeping with your stated concept…
    I doubt very much that animals enhance our creativity. They may enhance our mood- which does affect creativity; they may enhance our ability to “feel for others”- but that has no creative spark attached.
    The biggest issue (unless you work from home) is that employers rarely allow animals at your desk. Because it tends to DETRACT from the attention you should be providing your actual work effort.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      That’s exactly what I said. 🙂 They help to enhance our sense of well-being, which is directly tied to our creativity (or, rather, our ability to create at a given time). That’s why I guesstimate they do enhance our creativity. And while you’re correct that most workplaces don’t allow animals, I’ve been seeing more stories lately about ones that do. Some of those are even in the States and not just overseas. To be totally honest, when I first started writing this one, I really didn’t think I would end it this way. I I thought I would be coming up with reasons why animals, while nice, actually did nothing for our creativity. It was only when I realized that they really do contribute to our sense of well-being that I decided they do.

    1. jencnipps Post author

      When I was going through a two-year period of health problems and having to keep my foot propped up, my dog always stayed close. At the time, I could not have said she helped my creativity (through my sense of well-being), but she did.

  2. queenof5dollarbling

    My daughter’s dog kept me alive after she passed away and was always near by when I needed him and on stayed away when I needed my space. So yes, they help with my creativity.


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