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This Loopy Life Podcast Trailer TranscriptThis Loopy Life Podcast Trailer Transcript

This Loopy Life podcast art. White background with purple text that says This Loopy Life. Jen Nipps, a white female with blond hair and glasses in a red shirt smiles at the camera in the lower left corner.

(music) Welcome to This Loopy Life, where we talk about yarn, crochet, and all things fiber. I’m your host Jen, your favorite neighborhood yarnie. Welcome

Is Creativity Dangerous?Is Creativity Dangerous?

Hand on a keyboard

I have to admit I was surprised when I saw this question for the first time. Is creativity dangerous?? I suppose it goes back to

Creative Slumps: Are You Taking Action?Creative Slumps: Are You Taking Action?

Did you read yesterday’s post about getting out of a creative slump? No? Go do that real quick. Today’s post is a kind of continuation

One Quick Way to Make Writing EasyOne Quick Way to Make Writing Easy

Last week, I talked about three ways to start writing now. (If you missed that post, you can see it here.) Today, I want to

3 Ways to Start Writing Now3 Ways to Start Writing Now

In a previous post, I talked about three reasons why you should start writing now. Today, I’m going to address three ways you can start

3 Reasons to Start Writing Now3 Reasons to Start Writing Now

You know you’ve either said it or thought it. “I want to write a book someday.” Maybe you didn’t even say/think “a book.” Maybe you

Making Ear Savers and Adventures in BloggingMaking Ear Savers and Adventures in Blogging

This week, I have two things in one post. They’re not really related, but I’m going to include them in one post anyway. First, the

Heroes Who HelpHeroes Who Help

I’ll be honest. I’ve struggled with what to put on this blog in the face of current events. I thought about skipping this week. Then,

Plans ChangePlans Change

Red ink pen on a white background

I recently published a post about some in-person events coming up that I would be attending. With current events being what they are, many things