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3 Ways to Start Writing Now

In a previous post, I talked about three reasons why you should start writing now. Today, I’m going to address three ways you can start now. (I thought about giving you five ways, but I decided to stay with threes.) There are numerous ways to start writing now, but these three have helped me get […]

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Heroes Who Help

I’ll be honest. I’ve struggled with what to put on this blog in the face of current events. I thought about skipping this week. Then, a couple things happened that helped change my mind. Joann’s is the main one I want to focus on. They are one business among many coming from a place of […]

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Plans Change

I recently published a post about some in-person events coming up that I would be attending. With current events being what they are, many things are being canceled. The events I mentioned in that post are among them. Well, the craft show is for certain. The writers’ conference is currently up in the air. However, […]

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Meet Sally

One of the things I have had problems with is taking good pictures of my finished items for Etsy. I tried various methods. I tried using furniture to drape items. I tried doing what they call flat lays where you lay the object to be photographed on a flat surface and style around it. I […]

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