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January Wrap-Up

Is it just me or was January both the longest and the shortest month ever? I didn’t quite meet all of my goals for the month, but I did pretty good. My theme for the month was “content.” As in, creating content. To help with this, I participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I ended […]

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And the Winner Is…

I wanted to wait until both challenges were finished before I announced any winners. Since this was my first time running challenges, there weren’t a lot of people participating. That was to be expected. As I do more and get my name out more, I expect there will be more people participating. Without further delay, […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge WrapUp

Congratulations! You completed the 5 Days to Planner Peace challenge. If you participated in the challenge by posting your pictures on social media and using the hashtag, you will be entered in a random drawing for one of the prizes. If you got behind, don’t worry. I’m waiting until Monday to be sure all pictures […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 5

You made it! This is day 5 of the 5 Days to Planner Peace challenge. Like I said at the beginning, this challenge will not give you planner peace in and of itself, but hopefully it got you on the right path to it. For today, show us a picture of your whole system. This […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 4

With the prevalence of smart phones and tablets, I understand the appeal of only using a digital calendar. I know it doesn’t work for me. Out of sight, out of mind. I do better when I use a combination. I put dates and notes in my phone and then write them in my planner later. […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 3

We’re at the halfway point. How is it going? Today, I’d like you to think about what other sections you need in your planner. For an example, see this post I did a while back about my planner for 2019. Share a picture of either the list you come up with or the section dividers […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 2

I suppose a planner doesn’t necessarily have to have a calendar, but it’s certainly helpful. Today’s prompt is to start with your calendar. You don’t have to draw it out yourself unless you want to. Pre-printed calendars are fine. I use one from Handy Forms LLC that I ordered from Amazon. Share a picture of […]

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#PlannerPeaceChallenge Day 1

What does that mean? What houses your planner? Well… Do you use an A5 binder? A spiral notebook? A special notebook? A Happy Planner or Erin Condren? Or do you use something else? Share it with us on your social media platform of choice and use the hashtag so we can find you.

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Everyone who uses a planner is looking for planner peace. It’s elusive, but it’s attainable. Let me be clear, this challenge itself will NOT get you to planner peace, but it will get you started down that path. Here are the prompts. 1. What houses your planner? 2. Start with your calendar (pre-printed is fine). […]

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