Author: JenNipps

Remembering Peggy Moss Fielding

The first time I met Peggy Moss Fielding was at the first writers’ conference I went to in 1999, held by the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. Even then, I admired her spunk and wit. Not long after that, some friends and I heard about writing classes she taught in her home to members of the […]

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50% Writer, 50% Business Person

Eloisa James was the keynote speaker at the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc., conference earlier this month. She also presented a lunch session one day of the conference. If at all possible, you need to hear her speak. She is very polished and very knowledgeable. Of everything she said, one thing has really stayed with me. […]

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Word Choices

Whether you are a writer or not, word choice is important. It has a direct impact on how people view you. This is especially true in first impressions. Some very intelligent people sound significantly less so because of their word choices and pronunciation. I’m thinking of the Jeff Foxworthy brand of redneck comedy. Friend 1: […]

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