Are You Consistent?

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Photo of reporter’s notebook by grafixtek on Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license.

Whenever we are getting ready for the day, whether the night before or the morning of, we have routines. We know what we’re going to do and in what order. This is part of how we get ourselves motivated and going for the day.

Routines matter.

If routines matter so much in the day-to-day operations of our lives, would they not also matter when it comes to your creative time? For that matter, let’s talk about your creative time for a minute.

Are you consistent? Do you have a specific time set aside that you work on creative projects or do you do it as the mood strikes or whenever the muse speaks to you?

I used to do it when the mood struck. Or when “the muse” spoke to me. I created only sporadically.

I don’t do that anymore. I create on a much more consistent basis. Why? What changed?

My routine.

I started planning my creative time. I started developing a routine for getting started.

I am currently a full-time freelancer. I write books, articles, blog posts, and short stories. I make jewelry, knit, and crochet. These are all things I do to earn money, yes. But they are also all things I do to be creative. If I wanted to be consistent, if I needed to be consistent, I needed to have a routine for getting things done.

Even as a creative, I want to be taken seriously. I want people to think that I am a professional in what I choose to do. Because of that, consistency matters. And routines matter.

Routines helped me become more consistent. Routines help me stay consistent.

Look at what you do and why. Is it working for you? Do you create — in whatever form that may be — on a regular basis? Change your routine. Or, if need be, develop a routine. See how that works for you. I’m willing to bet you’ll be surprised.

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t schedule or plan creativity. Except that you can. By having a schedule/plan/routine, you trigger your mind into knowing this is your creative time. You sit down to work and “the muse” shows up.

What do you think? Let me know what tips you have to stay consistent in the comments below.

11 thought on “Are You Consistent?”

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  2. Kelly

    Totally agree. Creativity in any form has a trigger. The brain is the most powerful tool in our box, we just need to program the sensors, and clean the crud out once in awhile. Defrag, if you will. Creative Blessings!

  3. Tara

    Yes! I love it!!! I love how you say, “I want to be taken seriously for what I choose to do.” Creative work, in my opinion, is VERY serious and can impact so many lives!

    I like to challenge myself to stay consistent, like little daily challenges, can I do this faster today than I did yesterday, and setting the timer and seeing if I can finish a task before it dings, little things like that.

    But it’s community help and accountability that keeps me consistent the most. Being held accountable to others works more than if I only have myself to answer to.

    Great post, thank you for the reminder to look at the routine!!! I needed to read this!

    1. jencnipps Post author

      I think many times creatives aren’t taken seriously because we do often talk about “the muse” or creating only when the mood strikes. Imagine if a doctor or lawyer did that!

  4. Ruth Helena Bowers

    I need to be more consistent with my creative time. Right now, my routine is to do everything at the last minute. And like Ginette said, I can go days or weeks without doing any new graphics except for what I need for a blog post. It’s definitely time to buckle down and set some routines.

  5. Ginette

    You are spot on, Jen! I have things that I’m consistent about but my creative time isn’t one of them. This means that I can go weeks or even months without painting, drawing, etc. The longer I stay away from this, the harder it is to get back to it. My fear monger has a field day with that! Thanks for this post, Jen!


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