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Have you ever been in a situation where people say you should do a course or something like that? I have been finding myself in such a situation quite often lately. I wanted to get you the information, but I didn’t feel like I was ready to do a course, so what else can I do? 

A workbook!  

In Outlining Your Blog Posts with Google Search, you’ll see the process I’ve been using to make my blog post outlines. But what is it that makes this method better than others?

I don’t know.

However, I do know that the other way I was doing my posts (winging it) wasn’t working. I knew that in order to give you the information you’re looking for regarding writing, crochet, and creativity, I needed a better way to approach writing my blog posts. A while back, I learned about this method, so I thought I should try it.

Why outline your posts?

One word: Organization.

Don’t expect a lot of organization tips from me. If you were to come to my house, you would know without a doubt that I am definitely not organized. However, with writing and blog posts, I try to be.

Outlining your posts gives you a definite direction to go and a concrete conclusion. It helps you and your reader. It prevents — okay, maybe not — rambling asides that don’t do anything for you. 

Where can you get the workbook?

I’m glad you asked. As of right now, the workbook is not available on Amazon. It is a digital download on my Etsy shop. There will be an accompanying course in the not-too-distant future now that I have the equipment I need to record it. 

Meanwhile, I would be very happy if you bought the workbook. Just click the image below and it will take you directly to the listing so you can purchase. 

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