5 Things About Me

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Photo of Jen, blond curly hair with glasses and wearing a red shirt, smiling for the camera
I meant to do this post last week, but part of it is kind of a big deal, so I’ve been puting it off.

  1. I love color.
    You might not really be able to tell it by my clothes all the time, but I love olor. It’s hard for me to pick a “favorite” and it was even harder for me to decide on my brand colors. The only color I don’t like to work with in crochet is black because it’s hard to see the stitches. (More about that later.)
  2. I love to crochet.
    This one should be obvious from all the things I post about here. I can knit, but I preer crochet. It works up faster and I can do more with it. I know if I practiced knitting as much as I have crochet, I would get to that point to. But when I love the versatility of crochet so much, why?
  3. I love to write.
    I have several books published. And by “several,” I mean 13. Some are onl ebooks, but they still count. I need to get back to more writing. Once upon a time, I thought there was no way I could write nonfiction. Then I had a friend talk me into it. She had to talk hard, too. And now sometimes I find it difficult to get back to fiction because I have so many ideas for nonfction and can write it faster.
  4. I live in Oklahoma.
    I was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma. It’s a smallish town in south-central Oklahoma. I moved to Tulsa for an internship, to Dallas for a job, and to Eureka Springs because I LOVE that town. But I always come back to Ada. There are many reasons why, but I do love it here too, and it is becoming a more active/artsy town.
  5. I am legally blind.
    And here it is. This is the thing that has had me putting off this post. I can’t drive. I don’t drive. By all medical intents and purposes, I should be totally blind, but I’m not. And I am so very grateful for that. But why is this such a big deal that it would cause me to procrastinate on this post?

It influences how I do things. How I do everything. Including crochet.

I’m going to start including that in my posts. How does my eyesight influence how I crochet? Does it influence the hooks I choose? The yarn I work with? Does it influence how I make my stitches?

The answer to all of these is yes.

My eyesight influences everything about my life in general and crochet specifically. By not mentioning it before now, I feel like I have been doing some of my readers a disservice. I am going to start including tips on how I do things to help others who also have vision problems, whether they are legally blind or have some other visual disturbance.

For that matter, I feel like everyone might be able to benefit from some of what I share.

And I will share more of that.

Meanwhile, what do you want to know about crochet that I might be able to help you with? Your question might be the topic of a future post. If you don’t want to leave the question as a comment, you can send it to me in an email.

3 thought on “5 Things About Me”

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  3. ambassadorcrochet

    I have 2 daughters with major vision issues (borderline legally blind) and they both crochet. I tell them you can do anything you put your mind to. It would be great to see you add those tips and things into your posts.


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