5 Last Minute Gifts for Creatives

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DSCN3878You need a gift and you need it fast. But you don’t know what to buy for your brother/sister/friend/cousin who is creative/artsy/a writer.

Settle down. We’ve got you covered. Here are five ideas you can pick up just about anywhere.

  1. A notebook.
    This is a staple necessity in any creative’s toolbox. There can never be too many notebooks. If all else fails, a plain one will do. If possible, though, get a pretty one. You can find them inexpensively at places like Walmart and Dollar General (or other department/dollar stores).
  2. A package of pens.
    This is another necessity. Your favorite pen runs out of ink just at that crucial moment when lightening strikes and you KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt what your next masterpiece/opus will be, but you needed to make a note to yourself.
  3. Colored pencils.
    These are fun and not exactly a necessity, though they can certainly be helpful.
  4. A sketchbook.
    Depending on what the person you’re buying for does, this might be another staple item. It’s almost as handy as a notebook for just about everyone, but probably handier for visual artists and designers.
  5. A gift card. Everyone likes a gift card to their favorite store. Your creative friend is no different. If you know them, you know which store sings their name in a siren call that’s difficult to resist.

Counting today, there are five days before Christmas. Maybe you can find a gift idea from this list.

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