5 Fun Easter Crochet Patterns

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“Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!” That’s what the Peter Cottontail song says. I wonder if he’s going to bring any crochet stuff in his baskets. In case he doesn’t, here are five fun Easter crochet patterns.

5 Fun Easter Crochet Patterns

  1. Peeps!! – Okay, so she doesn’t call them Peeps since that could be trademark or copyright infringement (or both). She calls them marshmallow bunnies. They’re meant to be a decorative item for Easter baskets. So that’s how I can call them decor instead of a toy (though they are that, too).
  2. Easter Egg Free Crochet Pattern – This is an egg worked flat, so you can use it for any kind of decor. I could see it in a bunting or as coasters for people to put under their drinks. You can think of more ways to use this colorful decor item.
  3. Easter Chick – This cute little chick is worked separate from its removable shell. There is even a little wreath crown for it to wear.
  4. Easter Egg Placemat – I’m linking directly to the page on Ravelry for this one because it is a free download on the site. Make this placemat in a variety of colors to match your Easter decor.
  5. Easter Bunny Coffee Kozie – Is your coffee cup too hot or your fountain drink too cold? This whimsical bunny kozie will save your fingers. I’ll be honest here. I don’t usually drink coffee or anything like it that would need a kozie, but I’m tempted to make a couple of these because they’re so cute.

No Easter Designs from Me

I don’t currently have any designs of my own that would qualify as Easter patterns. I’ll have some for next year, though. However, I do have some patterns you might enjoy.

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