5 Crochet Prayer Shawls

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Crochet prayer shawls are a good way to maintain your skills and contribute to a good cause or initiate a personal one. Here are five crochet prayer shawls I have made in the past.

Orange square with white text that says 5 Crochet Prayer Shawls (+ an extra pattern and tps)

5 Crochet Prayer Shawls

White Sands Mesh Shawl

This is a basic shawl made up of double crochet stitches and chain spaces. Fringe adds to the length of the shawl. The double crochet stitches lend themselves well to a short, three-word prayer. In one I made, my prayer was for peace, love, and happiness for the recipient.

Virus Shawl

This isn’t necessarily a prayer shawl pattern, but I’ve used it as one before anyway. The open, airy feel of the shawl feels like a light hug as the recipient wraps themselves in it.

Triangle shawl in yellows

York Shawlette

This is a smaller shawl that works up quicker than a full triangle shawl. It works best when you have a time crunch in an emergency situation.

My Friend Enola

This is a semicircular shawl that can grow as much as you need it. It uses double crochet stitches and easy increases. Some ideas for colors for this are rainbows or sunrise/sunset.

Easy Crochet Shawl

This is a triangle shawl that can also grow as much as you need. It has the airy feel that the double crochet and chain spaces give. 

Not Official Prayer Shawls

Just because a pattern doesn’t specifically say it’s a prayer shawl doesn’t mean you can’t use it as one. A prayer shawl is based on intent rather than on specific patterns. 

Crochet prayer shawl patterns help you focus on the intent. You can say your prayer before starting or pray with the rhythm and pattern of each stitch.

Extra Pattern

I have a pattern that I designed as a prayer shawl. It’s here:

In the Lap of Comfort – This is good for someone in a wheelchair who wants something to cover their lap. The pattern is on the page linked.

One More Thing (or Two)

Maroon rectangular shawl

You can make prayer shawls as a personal mission or to donate to organizations and charities of your choice. Some places include churches, hospice agencies, and nursing homes.

From personal experience, prayer shawls take as long as they are supposed to take. You might think you can get it done in a week and it ends up taking a month. Some things just need extra prayer. You also don’t have to make just shawls. You can make hats, scarves, etc. Your imagination is the only limitation.

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