3 Reasons You Should Work with a Creativity Coach

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If You Can Work with a Creativity Coach, I Think You Should

Have you ever wondered what the benefit of working with a creativity coach would be? Beyond that, have you ever wondered what benefit there would be in choosing one over another? Let me help you figure out part of that. I can’t tell you what other coaches do, but I can tell you what I do. Maybe that will help.

You want to work with a creativity coach who has been there.

You’re dealing with issues like imposter syndrome, writer’s block, running a business as a creative, balancing creative work with administrative work, when and how to delegate tasks to someone else, and more.

Let me guess. You think no one could know what you’re going through.

You’re right.

But you’re also wrong.

As a natural part of the human experience, we all have similar events where we can take our own experiences and sympathize with someone else. My experience with imposter syndrome allows me to understand what you’re dealing with and maybe help you figure out ways through it.

The same goes with writer’s block, running a business as a creative.

And so on.

You Want to Work with a Coach Who Is Still in the Trenches

You’re a little skeptical of someone who calls themselves a coach, right? You want to know they’re still doing the work and not sitting in some kind of ivory tower, dispensing their brand of wisdom to the waiting masses.

Do you want to know a secret?

You get the idea.

For that matter, you’ll probably find that most creativity coaches are still in the trenches. Theories get stale if they’re not used and dusted off regularly.

You Want Someone Who Knows What It’s Like to Work with a Creativity Coach

You know, sometimes the best coaches are ones who have worked with a coach in the past. It gives them a baseline for knowing what they thought was missing in their interactions, so they do their best to address those shortcomings in their own practices.

(Yes, I’m speaking generally here, but I am talking about personal experiences as well.)

Not only does it allow a coach to know what to include, it also makes it easier for them to relate to you because, going back to the first point, they’ve been there.

What Would You Add?

You know the reasons you are considering working with a creativity coach. In a short post, they can’t all be addressed. What would you add to this list? Leave a comment and tell me what it is.

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