3 Reasons to Start Writing Now

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You know you’ve either said it or thought it. “I want to write a book someday.” Maybe you didn’t even say/think “a book.” Maybe you left it at “I want to write.”

Today is your lucky day because I’m going to help you bust through three of the most common excuses. And I’ll do it without using current global circumstances as a crutch.

1. You have all the time you need.

The most common excuse given, even by writers, is “I don’t have time.”


We all have the same amount of time. 24 hours/1,440 minutes/86,400 seconds in a day.

The difference is in what we choose to do with that time. You may have different responsibilities and priorities than I do. That’s okay. But what do you do with the time you don’t have anything else going on?

Do you really need to watch another episode of NCIS on USA? (Talking to myself here. And maybe to you too.)


Can you really call watching Ancient Aliens, Mysteries of the Abandoned, or Expedition Unknown research? (Talking to myself again.)

Decide which is more important and establish your priorities (and your to-do list) accordingly.

2. There’s no such day as “someday.”

I can’t take the credit for this. I saw it somewhere else. As it stands right now, there are seven days in the week.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Do you see a “Someday” in there? I know it ends with “day,” but it’s not an official day of the week.

“Someday” is like “A Round Toit.” They don’t exist.

Make a decision that “someday” is right now. Or tomorrow, depending on what time you’re reading this.

You know what?

Forget that.

Even if it’s 11:59 PM where you are, get out a pen and paper or open the notes app on your phone and write one sentence

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now don’t forget to do it again tomoreow

3. You have plenty to say.

I get it.

You’re worried you’ll run out of things to say. Or you won’t have anything to say that people haven’t already heard.

Once again, baloney!

While it might be true that you’ll struggle for what to say next, you won’t run out of things to say. Once you figure out what you really want to say, you’ll figure out ways to spread your message.

As for the idea that you won’t have anything new to say that people haven’t already heard?


That’s true.

However, you have a different perspective than anyone else, so the way you say it might resonate with someone even though they’ve beard it a thousand times before. And YOURS is the one that got through to them.

There they are.

Those are the three reasons for you to start writing now.

  1. You have all the time you need.
  2. There’s no such day as “Someday.”
  3. You have plenty of things to say.

Next week, we’ll look at some concrete ways to help you get started.


Which of these reasons trip you up the most? Leave a comment below and let me know which one

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