3 of My Favorite Crochet Hooks

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I know I’ve done a post before about my favorite crochet hooks, but since it has changed somewhat, I thought I would do another one. I’ll be honest. I am definitely becoming a Furls girl. I love their hooks!  The shape makes it more comfortable to crochet for more than a few minutes at a time. But I’ll tell you more about that later.

A picture of my three favorite crochet hooks. From the top: Cherry on Top in G, a red hook with white swirls. Ebony wood in H. A dark brown hook. Cafe in K. A light brown hook with dark brown swirls.

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My Favorite Crochet Hooks

Cherry on Top Streamline Swirls crochet hook: A red hook with white swirls on a black background

Size G – This is a Furls Streamline Swirl hook in Cherry on Top. It is so much prettier in person than in pictures! In the past, I have hesitated to use any hook size smaller than an I because the hook handle was too small and I couldn’t comfortably use it for any length of time. With the Furls hooks, their shape is ergonomic and fits so well in the palm of my hand that I can use smaller hooks for longer periods of time.

Ebony Streamline crochet hook: A dark brown hook on a black background

Size H – This is a Streamline in Ebony Wood. It’s mouth and works so well. It doesn’t snag the yarn. Depending on the fiber, the yarn can slide right off the hook without being either too slippery or too grippy. (Yes, grippy is a word and it works very well here.)

Cafe Streamline Swirls crochet hook: A light brown hook with dark brown swirls on a black background

Size K – I’m a fan of larger hooks. This Streamline Swirl in Cafe is so fun to use. It’s bigger without being too big.  One thing about the Swirls hooks (this applies to the Cherries & Cream I mentioned earlier too) is that not only are they fun to use, it’s fun to watch the way the colors move as you use the hook.

More Favorites

I have other favorites, including a size I in Ebony and L in Teak, plus an Odyssey in J. My goal is to eventually replace all of my Yarnology hooks with Furls. I have nothing against Yarnology. I replaced my plain metal hooks with them. They are more comfortable to use than straight hooks. They’re a good next step. But even as comfortable as they are, the Furls hooks are even moreso.

Pinterest image of all three hooks on a black background with title text at the top.

Prevention of Injury

In preparing for this post, I tried to do some research to see if there is an increased risk/prevalence of carpal tunnel or repetitive motion injury in people who are blind or visually impaired. I didn’t find anything about that, but it makes sense that since we have to use our hands to “see” more of the world than people with no vision problems, we could be at an increased risk.

Regardless if you have vision loss or not, carpal tunnel is something we all need to take steps to prevent. If using ergonomic hooks will help that, then I’m al for it.

What are your favorite hooks?

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  3. Alita

    Love this post Jen. I felt your personality throughout and I especially love the last part on ergonomically correct use to avoid carpal tunnel. Thank you for caring so much and keep up the good work. Its fun to see the fun, kind of picky side to crochet. I love it!


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